Members are both Visual Artists and Collectives

Selection Criteria for
Member Admission

Any person may become a member of AVAC provided that they fulfil the criteria set out by the Board and which are approved by the membership at a general meeting and have paid the registration and subscription fee.

Applicants must be able to submit their governmental id number and a digital passport photo image which will included on AVAC’s membership card when issued.

Members must provide evidence under each of the areas that they have indicated.

All Members commit to complying with AVAC’s Members Code of Conduct.

Be a visual artist;

Display a long term commitment to your profession.

Be 18 years old;

AVAC’s minimum age requirement is 18 and older

Be resident in Kenya;

Kenyan citizenship or resident status is required.

3 year art practice;

Have a dedicated arts practice of at least three years.

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AVAC is committed to giving Kenyan artists strategic power in their workplaces
and improving their living and working conditions.
AVAC members supports

AVAC continues to add benefits for members

We care about Kenyan visual artists

We are advocating for a resilient arts community

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